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2000 years ago, two elderly people Simeon and Anna prophesied and prayed for people in and around the temple in Jerusalem for nearly 60 years. Anna lived with her husband for 7 years and she spent her whole life in the temple of God. She received the revelation from God and prophesied that “God is going to come down on earth in the form of a little baby, as a human being.” She prayed for the prophecy and it had come to pass. When Baby Jesus was brought to the Temple, she held Him, God in flesh, in her hands and said, “This is the child I was talking about.” It was her prophesying and praying which brought God down to earth.

The first prophecy during His First Coming was in the Temple because He came as a Lamb in the Temple to be slain for the redemption of the sins of the whole world. Now we all must know that it is the time for the Lord Jesus Christ to come back to this earth. He revealed to me, “My son, It is a new era again to prepare the world for My Second Coming. The first era was to prepare the world for Jesus Christ to redeem His people from their sins. And the Second Era is for the Holy Spirit to come down and have fellowship with His people, transform them as the image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord. And it came to pass. The third era is for the coming of Lord Jesus Christ to this earth as the King of kings and the Lord of lords.”

The Lord told me, “Establish a Prayer Tower in Jerusalem. It will be a prophetical Tower where people will come from all over the world. As they gather together in Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit who came upon the disciples and apostles will come upon them as said in Acts 2:1-6, “The Word of God came through them with new tongues and new revelations about the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and it went around the world from there and brought the era of the Holy Spirit into the world.”

It is such a wonderful thing to see thousands of people from different religions, backgrounds; languages and states of India and even from other countries come together and pray along with us to receive God’s answers for their cry. The Lord said to me, “According to Revelation 10: 7 &11, you will have to prophesy again to kings, nations, peoples and languages”. And then the second coming of the Lord Jesus would take place.” In verse 7, He says, “Before the mystery is revealed and the seventh angel blows his trumpet for the mystery to be revealed which is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, you will prophesy again to kings, nations, peoples and languages.” When the Lord revealed to me about this revelation, the word of the Lord came to me as stated in the verse and I recognized that there would be a prophecy for the mystery to be fulfilled. The Jerusalem Jesus Calls 24 hours Prayer Tower is established for the fulfillment of God’s plan. As God’s children, we should know the will of God through the prophecy and pray for its fulfillment. He fills His servant with His Holy Spirit and makes His will known to him in the spirit and enables him/her to prophesy the plan of God.

The Lord said to me that this Israel Prayer Tower which is to established in Jerusalem will be well organized. The identified place for this Prayer Tower is almost the top floor of the tallest building right in the center of Jerusalem giving a good view from all the four sides of the Israel Prayer Tower. People could have a look through the glass window, the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, Parliament of Israel, the mountains around Israel and the Jerusalem temple that was before. The Holy Spirit will descend upon the people who come and pray in this Israel Prayer Tower which we have to establish now. The Lord will show them, His plan for each country.

The Lord will show His plan for each country (i.e) Brazil, Mexico, United States, Canada, China, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Dubai, Saudi and Israel. Each one will prophesy God’s plan about the kings who should rule, plan of the government for the nation, solution for the food, water, financial prosperity and the solution for their hearts to turn to God. God has a solution and a plan for everything. He gave solution to Joseph of how to grow food, how to distribute food, how to preserve food, how to generate wealth, how to save humanity through these things. God wants to reveal it again even today.

When God’s people pray and prophecy for 24 hours, it will go and hit the nation fulfilling the prophecy in every nation. We read in Revelation 8: 3-5 that how an angel from the altar offered the prayers of all God’s people as an incense on the golden altar in front of the throne went up before God. We read that the angel took the censer, filled it with fire and hurled it on the earth and there came peals of thunder, noises, flashes of lightning and an earthquake. These things will come to pass when people pray and prophesy in the Jesus Calls Prayer Tower in Jerusalem. The Lord told me that His will would take place in every nation and Satan will fall as a lightning as these prophecies are fulfilled as said in Luke 10:18-20.

In Haggai 2: 6-10 the Lord says, “I will shake the earth one more time. And the latter glory will be greater than the former glory.” The latter glory is to transform that person into the image of Jesus Christ. The prophecy that is going to come out through the Prayer Tower at Jesus Calls in Jerusalem, which you and I are going to establish soon, is going to transform people in the image of Christ. And when He comes, everyone who is transformed into the image of Christ will be lost in glory with Him. This is the greater glory.