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The Lord is your Rewarder

Dear Partners,

Warm greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ,


Today is Labor Day and I wish and pray that God should bless all the labor that you have put in your life, family and people and richly reward you. You will have joy; you will have great returns, great promotions, great increase and great love coming from your family members and from those for whom you work (Isaiah 65:21-24). Even now, I would like to share with you the wonderful promise for this new month from II Samuel 7:11,


“…I will also give you rest from all your enemies. The Lord declares to you that the Lord Himself will establish a house for you.”


How is this house going to be? It will be a house, built by God Himself for you to rest from all enemies. Your house will be surrounded with peace (Psalm 147:14) and He will fill your house with the finest blessings. The devil may send fiery darts through wicked people and sinful pleasure to destroy you, but the peace of God which is like a wall of fire will destroy the darts of the devil. But you will live inside the house with all the prosperity. Peace will surround you.


Why did God offer to build a house for David? If you read II Samuel 7:2, we see David’s heart was broken seeing that the Lord’s temple was in tents, tabernacle. God saw his heart and said ‘I will build a house for you’. Today, God wants you to have a house, provided you build a mansion, a house for God, you have done it so God will build your life.


What is a house that God expects? He says, ‘Make your heart a mansion for me’. Yes! He wants to live in your heart. Let your heart be His home (Revelation 3:20, I Corinthians 3:16 & I Corinthians 6:19). God wants a heart full of holiness and love for Him. When your heart becomes God’s mansion, He will build a house for you in this world, full of peace, full of prosperity and honor and full of joy in the family. Not only that, as you build the hearts of millions of peoples as God’s house, God will build your heart and your home. Your house will be secured, it will endure forever, and it will never be shaken from generation to generation the name of Jesus will be upon your family and keep your home always before Him (II Samuel 7:29).


Here is a testimony for your encouragement: “My name is Mrs. Latha and I am from Ramanathapuram. I was suffering from severe health issues in my body. I had a urine infection and used to urinate for the whole night. I had a problem with my uterus and heart. We went to many hospitals but everything was in vain. With much burden and agony, I and my husband came to the meeting in Bethesda Prayer Centre. As the meeting was going on, I was eagerly praying in my heart for God to call me by my name. And if He calls me, then I will know that God has forgiven my sins and will heal me. During the prayer time, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran said, The Lord is healing all the affected organs” and said, “Sister Latha, your organs are renewed, the Lord is granting this blessing to your family members also”. At that moment I was filled with immeasurable happiness. I felt the assurance that the Lord has forgiven all my sins and granted me complete healing. I thank and praise God for His wonderful miracle in my life. All glory be to God!

Just like the testimony of Sis. Latha, there are literally hundreds of thousands of precious people from around the world who have visited Bethesda Prayer Center in the last three decades and are blessed.

We as a family and the prayer warriors in Jesus Calls will continue to uphold you and all the dear ones in our prayers for God’s divine protection to be upon you all. May God bless you richly !

Today, I encourage you our dear partner to enable us to take the life-changing power of God around the world through sharing the word of God in person through our Social Media ministry or by visiting our website. Your contributions of any amount towards the Israel Prayer Tower will surely enable us to answer the very heartbeat of Jesus Christ. (Click here for your contribution)

Thank you once again for partnering with us for the expansion of the kingdom of God through your valuable prayers and financial support.

May God bless you exceedingly!


Your brother in Christ,


Dr. Paul Dhinakaran




Israel 101- Month of Iyar


We have entered into the second Biblical month, perhaps the most action-packed month in Scripture that is often brushed aside as being no more than a filler month with no major Biblical Feast. It is far more than a filler however, and it would be a tragedy for us not to grasp what Adonai is saying to us this Iyar as He invites us to go deeper still. This second month is first called Ziv in 1 Kings 6:1 meaning light or glow, and after the Babylonian exile became known as the month of Iyar, meaning to blossom, and this year starts at sundown on April 13th and ends at sundown on May 11th. So what is the prophetic significance of this Biblical month according to Scripture, and why does it matter to us today? Let’s delve into the secrets and mysteries of Iyar and put our ears to the heart of the Father to listen intently to what He is saying through His living Word, according to His timeline instead of the world’s

Iyar comes just after the month of Redemption when YHWH took the Israelites out of Egypt during Pesach, the exact same days that nearly 3,500 years later Yeshua was crucified, died and resurrected on Passover in Jerusalem. It comes before the month of Revelation when Elohim gave the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai, and on the same day nearly 3,500 years later when the Holy Spirit was given to the Body of Messiah on Shavuot (Pentecost). So what lies between redemption and revelation? Could it be that the Almighty is re-introducing Himself to us today like He did after more than 400 years of exile in Egypt, or re-introducing us to Yeshua like He did after His resurrection when He showed Himself to His disciples and hundreds of others? If so, to what end? To find out we will look at the ways and the reasons YHWH did what He did during this month of Iyar in Scripture to know what He is telling us today.