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Dearly Beloved

Warm greetings to you in the precious name of Jesus Christ

I am glad to reach you through this letter and share God’s precious promise for this month from Isaiah 51:16

“I have put My words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of My hand…”Isaiah 51:16


It is a blessing and comfort when the hand of the Lord is upon us and gives us good things especially when we are undergoing misery and pain in this world. Today, God wants to lay His divine hand upon your head to bless and hem you behind and before with His divine love (Psalm 139:5). May our Loving Lord grant you provision, restoration of every joy and blessing in your life and in your family.

With Our God’s mission, we have started the year 2021 with His abundant strength to reach as many needy people as possible. In January, we telecast special programmes on New Year and Republic day for the blessings of thousands. People from all across the globe watched through the Family channel TV, App and Social media and were blessed. Special Blessing programmes were conducted during New Year in all the Prayer Towers. On January 1st, We as a family ministered in the New Year Blessing meeting at Dr.D.G.S.Dhinakaran Memorial Prayer Tower. On January 26th (Republic day) being a Tuesday, special fasting prayers were organized in all our Prayer Towers and our Prayer Intercessors remembered each one of you during the fasting prayer.

Every Saturday, I and my wife Evangeline share God’s word and pray for people through the Live programme on Facebook and Family Channel. Also, our son Samuel Paul Dhinakaran reaches Young people every Friday through Live Facebook and Family Channel. Through social media, the Lord is enabling us to encourage and pray for people with a Promise verse for each day. For women, my mother Sis. Stella Dhinakaran conducted Esther Prayer Group conference in Chennai on January 9th in which about 600 EPG members in and around Chennai participated. In the coming days, we have planned to reach many millions of people through Social media, Prayer Towers, TV Programmes, Magazine, Correspondence and various other facets of Jesus Calls.

The Bible says in Hebrew 13:16; ‘..do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased’. Surely as you come forward to render your generous offering, the Lord will be pleased and will honour you with the Crown of Glory that will never fade away (I Peter 5:4) and bless your family abundantly. Assuring you that, we as a family and our prayer warriors will continue to uphold you and your dear ones in our prayers every day.

Today, I encourage you our dear partner to enable us to take the life-changing power of God around the world through sharing the word of God in person through our Social Media ministry or by visiting our website. Your contributions of any amount towards the Israel Prayer Tower will surely enable us to answer the very heartbeat of Jesus Christ. (Click here for your contribution)

Thank you once again for partnering with us for the expansion of the kingdom of God through your valuable prayers and financial support.

May God bless you exceedingly!

Dr. Paul Dhinakaran




Israel 101- Shevet (The month of abundance of blessing)

This is the month to enter through the Water Gate, receive refreshing and renewal for the preparation to enter into Abba’s promises for this month. It is the month check our roots to be sure of our fruit, and to receive the abundance of blessing that is coming, regardless of the intimidating letters and lies of the enemy that try to keep us from it. It is the month to decide if we will let the enemy steal our inheritance in Adonai, or stand firm in the authority Christ has given us to receive His allotted portion for this season.

This month Adonai is asking what do you see as a watchmen, not what do you see in the world, but what is He showing you despite what is happening around us? Shevat is the 11th month of the Biblical calendar lasting from January 14th to February 12th in the Gregorian calendar. it is the second of the winter months in Israel, and the height of the rainy season, as well as when the celebration of Tu B’Shvat (New Year of Trees) which takes place on Shevat 15 (January 28). It is time to enter into the gate of this new Biblical month, so let us enter together armed with the victorious blueprint of heaven.


The rain is pouring out this month, a rain of blessing, of nourishing, and cleansing. His voice will be heard like many waters, like rolling thunder, and the lightning strikes will turn night into day revealing the plans and schemes of satan to the light. It is time to ask for Yeshua to wash our eyes clean like He did to make the blind man see, so that we will stop seeing what the enemy wants to distract us with, and just like the once blind man, see only Yeshua and through His eyes the world around us. When He asks us who do you see, it is a month that we should yearn to hear Him say, you have seen correctly. Just like the tree of Asher whose family crest was the olive tree, we must look to our roots and our fruits, check what is wrong and right, and even if that means uprooting completely to do it knowing that Adonai our helper is here to make it a successful move.


Just like the walls of Jerusalem, which were finished even in the midst of great opposition and outside threat, this is the month to have the same determination as Hezekiah to seal the walls and gates for good. Instead of letting the enemy take the battle to us, this month we will also win our internal battles with the Word of Adonai that renews our minds through the teaching of the Holy Spirit so that instead of being immobilised we will be empowered to take ground, paving the way for Yeshua’s return. As we are empowered, the enemies positions, fortresses, and bunkers are destroyed in the Spirit, and what was once hidden, then becomes exposed. This is what happens when we pray fervently and live our lives with the gifts and fruits of the Spirit. The Lion of Judah is about to roar, and I would much rather be roaring with Him than against Him. Yeshua, the Lion of Judah is in us, and us in Him, so let’s let Him teach us how to really roar and watch the demons flee while the righteous restore. Adonai bless you and keep you kingdom family!