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What We Care


True to its name Karunya which means \’Compassion\’, Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences shall be an Institution with a social concern which will address the problems of humanity through teaching, research and extension in socially relevant areas.


At SEESHA, we believe that healthy family relationships ensure more meaningful and sustainable community development. With this approach, we work collectively with families in order to bring about their development, and through them, bring about the development of communities.


JESUS CALLS MINISTRY, A ministry of Prayer, Compassion, Reconciliation and Nation Building. For over half a century, Jesus Calls Ministry has been in the forefront of providing hope to countless people from all walks of life.

Your Hand is Needed

It is the generosity of our supporters, that enables us to spread the GOOD NEWS – Thank You!

Jesus Calls is a global ministry with a divine vision to heal millions of brokenhearted people through the matchless love and compassion of Jesus Christ. The ministry operates with a dedicated mission. “Pray for all people of all nations and all backgrounds” – who are sick and troubled, having none to intercede for them so as to receive miracles from the Almighty God.



Upcoming Event

World Prayer Convention

World Prayer Convention