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The Jerusalem Centre for Peace and Truth is an integral part of the Jesus Calls ministry, with its roots based in India. The visionary behind the Israel Prayer Tower, Dr. Paul Dhinakaran, established this transformative endeavor in November 2013. At the heart of Jesus Calls is a dedication to intercede for those burdened by life’s struggles. With a remarkable presence of over 110 Prayer Towers in India and over 10 across the globe, the ministry stands as a beacon of hope for those seeking solace and divine intervention. Strategically situated on the 20th floor in the heart of downtown Jerusalem, the Israel Prayer Tower offers a breathtaking panoramic vista encompassing the Mount of Olives, the historic cityscape, the revered Temple Mount, and the contemporary landscape of Jerusalem. This awe-inspiring backdrop motivates visitors to intercede for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122), the world’s governments, a global revival, and the imminent second coming of Yeshua.


The Israel Prayer Tower aspires to establish a sanctuary where the local body of believers from Israel and from around the world can converge, seeking the Lord’s presence through prayer and worship. At the heart of our vision is the commitment to create an environment akin to a “Strong Tower” (Proverbs 18:10) where visitors find renewal, strength, and healing in God’s presence. Offering counseling and standing in unified prayer for blessings and healing, our team remains dedicated to the welfare of our guests.


Operating from the heart of Israel, we engage in profound prayer, prophesying God’s divine plan for the culmination of each nation, its governance, its people, and its spiritual ministries, all in preparation for the triumphant return of Jesus Christ (Revelation 10:7, 11; 22:11, 12).
Reflecting the directive in Matthew 28:19-20, Yeshua’s call to make disciples of all nations and baptize them in the triune name resonates deeply in our purpose. The Israel Prayer Tower functions as an equipping center, nurturing local intercessors and individuals from various nations. Our curriculum encompasses strategic and prophetic prayer, along with practical ministry training, fostering spiritual maturity and purposeful
service. The Jerusalem Centre for Peace and Truth stands as a beacon of divine connection, an avenue through which believers worldwide can unite in prayer, worship, and preparation for the glorious return of our Lord, Jesus Christ.